Dynamic Music





We offer private music lessons with only the highest quality of instructors.  Our individualized lesson programs are designed to be FUN, MODERN, CREATIVE, and provide a COMPREHENSIVE STUDY of your chosen instrument to include:

  • music notation reading
  • music theory
  • ear training
  • improvisation and composition
  • instrumental technique
  • exposure to a wide variety of musical styles from classical to rock
  • We always ask our students “what song do YOU want to learn?”


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Message from Angela Shim (Mother of three Dynamic Music Students: Francesca, Isabella, and Emily Shim): "I know I've been telling you how happy we are with the girls continuing their piano lessons with Nena. Well, I had to share this with you... She gave me her turkey that she made at school. On each of the feathers, she listed something for which she is thankful. Nena, you made it onto a feather :) ! See my picture of the light blue one... It says that Franki is "thankful for my piano teacher because she has a piano recital for me." (2nd grade spelling). I think she enjoyed sitting by you on Sat and performing in her very first recital. Sara, she is so excited about Wed.!! Great company and great lessons"!


  • Dynamic Music piano instructor, Marcus Choi, playing his own ADVANCED arrangement of “Let It Go”: