Drum Lessons


Ready to move past the pots and pans?



how it works…


For the trial lesson you do not need anything… the teacher will come prepared with a practice drum and other necessities.


 After the first lesson you will need:


  • A practice pad, a snare drum, or both:  Remo Practice Pad (about $20) AND/OR a Snare Drum (no more than $100) … look at a local music store like Gand Music Store or look on craigslist!
  • Drumsticks: Vic Firth 5A’s or other sticks depending on the student’s size ($8)
  • A stand for the pad (or snare drum): Snare drum stand (around $30 for a decent one, should fit either a pad or a snare drum)
  • A music stand: any, talk to a local music shop Gand Music Store
  • Books: “Stick Control” (George Lawrence Stone),” Elementary Snare Drum Studies” (Mitchell Peters) and others, depending on interest and ability (the teacher will guide you in terms of which books to purchase after the first lesson).


What you will learn:


  • Beats and Fills from your favorite songs
  • Stick Control
  • A variety of music styles: Jazz, Rock, Funk, Pop, & More!
  • Improvising and Soloing
  • Coordination
  • Rudiments
  • Reading and Writing Music
  • Ear Training
  • Musical Memory


Did you know…. other than the human voice, drums are the oldest musical instruments in the world!


Contact us now to set up your trial lesson!  info@dynamicmusiconline.com

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