Dynamic Music offers a comprehensive study of the flute, to include:

  • Lessons tailored to the individual student’s needs
  • Experience training flute students of all ages and levels
  • Working with the student to establish a daily practice routine unique to their goals
  • Focus on building fundamentals, including a beautiful tone and solid technique
  • Helping the student to learn and perform important staples of the flute repertoire
  • Incorporating music theory, music history, and the history of the flute into lessons
  • Teaching different styles of playing to apply to repertoire from various periods
  • Audition preparation
  • Assisting the student in learning music for band and orchestra classes
  • Piccolo lessons available after the student gains at least one year of experience on the flute

What the student will need:

-Their instrument

-Cleaning/care supplies for instrument

-A music stand

-Music books and sheet music as determined by teacher and student in lessons

Fun fact about the flute:

Flutes can be made out of many different materials, including metals like nickel silver, silver, gold, and even platinum, as well as plastic, glass, and wood. Ancient flutes were even made out of bone!


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Nicole Frankel- Dynamic Music Flute Instructor