Dynamic Music offers a comprehensive study of the oboe, to include:
  • Lessons tailored to the individual student’s needs
  • Experience training oboe students of all ages and levels
  • Working with the student to establish a daily practice routine unique to their goals
  • Focus on building fundamentals, including a beautiful tone and solid technique
  • Helping the student to learn and perform important staples of the oboe repertoire
  • Incorporating music theory, music history, and the history of the oboe into lessons
  • Teaching different styles of playing to apply to repertoire from various periods
  • Assisting the student in learning music for band and orchestra classes
  • Audition preparation
  • Teaching the student about reed maintenance and simple adjustments
  • Reed making instruction will be available for interested students, if determined to be an appropriate time for the student to begin learning
What the student will need:
  • Oboe, with Left F key if possible
  • Swab
  • Reeds (at least 2)
  • Music Stand
  • Music books and repertoire, as determined by teacher and student in lessons
  • Reed Case, optional
Where can I buy reeds?


Please email sara@dynamicmusiconline.com for more information and to schedule your first lesson!