voice lesson glenviewPRIVATE VOICE LESSONS… in the comfort of your own home!


We offer voice lessons with highly qualified instructors, who teach students how to use proper voice technique with whatever style or genre of music the students enjoy singing.

All of our teachers have active performance careers in the Chicago area and are classically trained with vocal performance degrees at the college level or beyond.

In your voice lessons, you and your teacher will discuss and decide together, the repertoire that you will work on.  This way you get to sing musical genres that you love (musical theater, pop, rock, classical, opera, you-name-it), with the teacher’s professional guidance as to the right song choices for your unique vocal instrument.

 Voice Lessons Glenview IL

Focal points for private voice study:

-proper breathing for singing

-posture for singing

-intonation (pitch matching)

-tone color and timbre work

-vibrato and vibrato control

-agility in the voice

-vocal range

-expression and dynamic control (as appropriate to the singer’s chosen style of music)

-confidence and stage presence

-music theory understanding and basic note/rhythm reading

-ear training and solfege (do re mi…)

-vocal harmonizing

-audition preparation


*Lessons are available for ages 6 and up.

*We recommend that voice students between the age of 6 and 10 do a 45 minute lesson, and students 11 and up do a one hour lesson.  This is to allow proper time for a vocal warm-up, vocal exercises, and repertoire work.


What you will need for your voice lessons:

  • music stand


  • If you have a piano or keyboard, that is very helpful… as it will give the instructor a place to play accompaniment for your repertoire and vocal warm-ups… but it is not a requirement.  Voice lessons can be taught without the use of a keyboard or piano.

Another option, is to purchase a very small (31 or 36 key, portable keyboard) for under $30… even a keyboard this size can be a great help in a voice lesson!


  • Another item that is helpful for a voice lesson, is a recording device to record your lessons for practice and review.  Phones, ipads, ipods… these are all great recording device options!


Fun fact about singing… SINGING MAKES PEOPLE HAPPIER! http://www.buzzfeed.com/juliapugachevsky/reasons-why-you-need-to-start-singing#473yta9


Please contact us know to schedule your first lesson!