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Sharing the Joy of Music

In-Home Lessons



MTNA (Music Teachers National Association) Institutional Member

Our Mission: Sharing the JOY of Music 

HIGH QUALITY, individualized music instruction.

Lessons In Your Home, or Online. 


Individually Tailored Lessons

Our lesson programs are designed to meet each student’s unique goals, interests, and learning style.

High Quality Music Instructors

Our teachers are classically trained with college level and higher music degrees along with impressive performance backgrounds covering a wide variety of musical genres.

Bi-annual Recitals

Our professional administrative staff hosts bi-annual recitals for our students. We believe that preparing and performing music is an important part of the music study process and crucial for motivating progress.

A Comprehensive Approach

Our lesson designs strike a perfect balance between traditional and modern. All of our students learn how to read music as well as how to use proper technique with their chosen instrument. We also value a fun and creative approach to music study and make sure to ask “what song do you want to learn?” Our lesson programs include exposure to a wide variety of musical styles, from pop, to rock, to classical, and everything in-between.

  • Music notation reading
  • Ear training
  • Theory understanding
  • Song study
  • Improvisation and Composition 
  • Confidence and Performance Preparation
  • Audition Preparation
  • Music History
  • Exposure to a broad range of musical genres

MTNA (Music Teachers National Association) Institutional Member: We can enroll our students in the A.I.M. national music exams if desired. AIM MUSIC EXAM LINK (Voice & Piano Exams)



“We have had a great experience with Dynamic Music. The teacher comes to our house and is wonderful with our children. She is always on time and very professional. Additionally, the rates for lessons are very competitive with other music lessons in the area. Sara (the owner) is very responsive and works hard to make sure she finds the best teacher for your children's needs. Highly recommend.“

-Laura Pape

"I just wanted to let you know how wonderful Rob Dicke has been as Kai’s piano teacher. He is incredibly talented and patient. I can’t even imagine how difficult it is to teach a seven year old via zoom but he has been incredible!  We are very lucky to have him!"  

-Oksana Yoshimura   

“My daughter took a violin lesson with Amy for two years. She was a kind, smart and thoughtful teacher, and taught my daughter a joy of playing the violin. It was also so convenient that she came to our house every week.
Sara is in charge of billing and administration. Her cancellation policy was clear and reasonable. She was super organized and always updated our invoice swiftly, every time cancellations had to happen. This flexible policy was very convenient for a family like us, who traveled often. Before Dynamic Music, we tried a bigger music school and their bureaucracy was a nightmare. It took a long time to get response and the cancellation/refund policy was rigid. So we appreciated flexibility of Dynamic Music greatly.
Due to various scheduling conflicts, we had to switch to another violin teacher. Sara's enthusiasm and energy in finding the replacement were wonderful and we owe her so much.” 

-Masako Ueda




9/17 through 11/19

Singing safely with Singer's Masks

Rock Band Workshop




Instructor: Andrew Olmstead 

Social Songwriting Workshop


Join an empowering community of students and write your own short song every week.

♪  Games for writing lyrics

♪  The easy way to make a great melody

♪  How to beat writer's block

♪  What makes a song work, anyways?

♪  Songwriting ideas to use in between classes

Students are welcome to use an instrument, but most of the class will be focused on singing melodies and lyrics. Anyone with a pencil, some paper, and a voice is welcome.

"My daughter, Ava, loves to make up songs, and she and Andrew have worked together to turn one into a real song with chords and melodies. It’s been thrilling for her and really impressive for us to watch it all come together. She’s excited to have a whole workshop dedicated to songwriting techniques!" ~Julie Hanahan


Your Choice

lessons Online OR 

in Your Home.

Masks required for in-home lessons UNLESS both teacher and student agree to no masks.

Teaching Philosophy     







BASS (upright & electric)





Beginning through Advanced, Ages 5 and Up   

RATES for Weekly Private Lessons:

*The same price for in-home and online

30 minutes: $40 per lesson

45 minutes: $55 per lesson

60 minutes: $70 per lesson *can be split into separate lessons for siblings

90 minutes: $99 per lesson *can be split into separate lessons for siblings

    Built in “sibling discount” established with the lower cost per minute as the total minutes increase.


Lessons in YOUR HOME 

Masks for everyone UNLESS both student and teachers agree to unmask.


Covid-19 Precautions:

  • Masks are required for everyone in the home while the teacher is present UNLESS both the teacher and students (family) agree to un-mask.

  • Singers can wear either a Singer's Mask OR use a plastic insert with a regular mask (to keep the mask from going inside their mouth when they inhale for vocalizing). Singers can also wear a regular mask, if that is more comfortable for them. *Singer Mask Video

  • Sanitizing or washing hands prior to lessons is required, and please keep sanitizer or sanitizing wipes handy in the lesson space. 

  • Please set up a separate chair for the teacher, to assist with social distancing.

  • If the student is showing any signs/symptoms of illness or feeling unwell, please notify the teacher immediately and cancel lessons for that day (students will not be charged for sick days, and the teacher will notify our billing manager of the cancellation so that your account is adjusted accordingly).









  • Our teachers optimize the zoom music lesson experience by implementing fun, interactive online games and visuals through zoom's screen share and whiteboard options. The whiteboard work translates perfectly to a written record of lesson assignments that students can refer to throughout their week.

  • Meet with teachers who are in their own space, and using their own, PRO-instruments!  Students get to see and experience their teachers in their element, with their own instruments that they would not  bring to an in-home lesson. 

  • Additional lesson planning is demanded of teachers in order for lesson momentum to be strong enough to combat learning through a screen. This extra lesson planning gives lessons a BOOST in individualized lesson programming.


How to turn original sound on and optimize sound on a desktop or laptop: 

1. Sign in to the Zoom desktop client (open your zoom application on your computer, or go to to download the application if you do not already have it).

2. Click on the Settings/gear icon (top, righthand corner on home page)

3. Click the Audio tab

4. Under "Suppress Background Noise", check "LOW"

4. Under the "Music and Professional Audio Section", check, Show In-Meeting Option to "Enable Original Sound" from microphone

5. check "high fidelity music mode"

6. check "echo cancellation"

How to turn original sound on on your iPad or Phone:

1. Tap Settings

2. Choose Meetings

3. Choose "Use Original Sound" by tapping the slider bar to make it green



















LAUREN Ingebrigtsen














Bi-annual Recitals

Held at The Laughing Academy in Glenview : 3230 Glenview Rd.



Saturday December 4th

Four Recitals: 

10-11am: Students belonging to the studios of: Emily Turner and Robert Dicke: SIGN UP HERE

12-1pm: Students belonging to the studios of Amy Anderson, Jieun Lee, and Brian Rasmussen: SIGN UP HERE

2-3pm: Students belonging to the studios of Mitch Straeffer, Adam McKinstry, Kristina Graham, and Mike Hanko: SIGN UP HERE

4-5pm: Students belonging to the studio of Sora Shpack : SIGN UP HERE

Sunday December 5th

Four Recitals: 

10-11am: Students belonging to the studios of Lauren Ingebrigtsen , Benjamin Walton, and Larry Beers: SIGN UP HERE

12-1pm: Students belonging to the studios of Sara Vencill Straeffer and Lydia Martin: SIGN UP HERE

2-3pm: Students belonging to the studios of Natallia Lysenka and Tamara Dominguez: SIGN UP HERE

4-5pm: Students belonging to the studios of Michael Lockler and Andrew Olmstead: SIGN UP HERE


Your Choice

Online OR In-Home.

Masks required for in-home lessons UNLESS both teacher and student agree to no masks




  • Keyboard or Piano (not required, but helpful)

  • Singers can wear a singer's mask or a regular mask—whichever is preferred. Students can unmask for lessons if the student/family and teacher agree. Singer Mask for in-person lessons


  • Bottle of water

  • Room to stretch


  • Separate device from the zoom device (to play music and backing tracks). Eg. an iPad for the zoom meeting, and a phone to play YouTube tracks and warmup exercises.

Calendar & Policies


There will be NO LESSONS: 

  • Winter Break: Dec. 20th through Jan. 2nd
  • MLK Day
  • Easter Sunday
  • July 4th
  • Labor Day (the Sunday & the Monday)
  • Halloween
  • Thanksgiving Day (only the Thursday)
  • On Dates Cancelled by the Teacher
  • On Sick Days (3 per year allowed per student), and notice must be given directly to the teacher via text or phone call, with as much notice as possible)


We require a minimum two week notice to be given via email to our staff, for all student cancellations. The only exception to this policy is for student sick days, for which we require that notice be given directly to the teacher, with as much notice as is possible (before the teacher is on their way to the lesson!). *WE DO NOT OFFER MAKEUP LESSONS unless they are arranged a minimum of two weeks in advance. 


Schedule your free trial lesson now


P.O. Box 441

Glenview, IL 60025 


RATES for Weekly Private Lessons:

The same price for In-Home and Online

30 minutes: $40 per lesson

45 minutes: $55 per lesson

60 minutes: $70 per lesson *can be split into separate lessons for siblings

90 minutes: $99 per lesson *can be split into separate lessons for siblings

    Built in “sibling discount” established with the lower cost per minute as the total minutes increase.

Automatic Payments

Click on the link below to enter card information for secure, monthly automatic payments.


Dynamic Music Wedding Band


Wedding Package


4 hour minimum *EXTRA $600 for each additional hour

*$600 deposit required to hold the musicians (incase of a cancellation due to weather, etc.)


What is included:

  • 5 piece band: Vox, Keys, Guitar, Bass, Drums
  • Ceremony: you pick the music, or we can—style of your choice
  • cocktail hour/reception: Jazz, Classical, Rock, or Hits of all Time (you pick the style) *3 requests offered per event
  • Sound System
  • Pro sound setup and day-of sound engineer
  • we can also play your playlist through our sound system

Party/Event  Package


4 hour minimum *EXTRA $600 for each additional hour

*$600 deposit required to hold the musicians (incase of a cancellation due to weather, etc.)


What is included:

  • 5 piece band: Vox, Keys, Guitar, Bass, Drums
  • YOUR CHOIR: Jazz, Classical, Rock, or Hits of all Time  *3 requests offered per event
  • Sound System
  • Pro sound setup and day-of sound engineer
  • we can also play your playlist through our sound system

Sara Vencill Straeffer

Founder & Director—Voice & Piano Teacher

Sara values a holistic approach to teaching, giving her students all of the tools they need to not only succeed in their music studies, but to also build confidence and enjoy the process.

  • Opera, Jazz, Pop, Rock, & Musical Theatre 
  • BA in Music (vocal performance concentration): CSULA
  • Original Pop/Rock Album Releases: 2006 EP “Crossing the Rubicon” & 2021 LP (in production)
  • Opera Roles: Queen of the Night (Mozart’s Magic Flute), Rosina-concert excerpts (Rossini’s Barber of Seville), Mimi—concert excerpts (Puccini’s La Boheme), Nicemis *understudy (Gilbert and Sullivan's Thespis)
  • Jazz Singer: Mitch Straeffer Quartet-various Chicagoland Venues and Weddings
  • Dancer: trained on scholarship with the Joel Hall Dance Company in Chicago

N.A.T.S (National Association of Teachers of Singing) Chicago Chapter

M.T.N.A (Music Teacher's National Association) Member

Emily Turner

Voice & Piano Teacher

Emily is an enviable musician, who truly plays piano as well as she sings! Emily’s piano students get to enjoy ear training with a professional singer, while Emily’s voice students get to study voice with a true piano accompanist! Emily holds her students to a high standard while at the same time creating a relaxed and enjoyable learning environment. 

  • BM in Music, Capital University in Ohio
  • Professional Singer/Actress: Classical, Musical Theater (multiple roles in Chicagoland productions), Pop 
  • Piano Accompanist: multiple student voice recitals
  • Special Education Teacher: schools and private lessons
  • Fluent in American Sign Language

Dr. Amy Anderson

Violin & Piano Teacher

Amy is an incredibly talented and sought-after violin player and teacher. Amy performs all over the country and is a very busy violinist!  Amy also has the perfect patience and warmth required for teaching young beginners, all the way up to advanced, college-bound students.   With a masters degree in music as well as a doctorate in the works and years of teaching experience, Amy is also an excellent piano instructor and she is able to use her violin Suzuki Method teaching understanding,  to aid and enhance her piano lesson designs for young students. Whether studying piano or violin, Amy connects quickly with all of her students and is easily able to engage and inspire.

  • Doctorate in Violin Performance
  • BM in Music from Roosevelt University in Chicago
  • Currently pursuing a doctorate in violin performance
  • Wedding Music Performer and Coordinator
  • Violinist for several string ensembles and orchestra performances
  • Suzuki Teacher Training

Larry Beers

Drum Teacher

Larry Beers is a professional drummer from Chicago Illinois.

“I’ve been in over 15 bands in my nearly 29 years of living in Chicago. I’m currently in the Nicholas Tremulis Orchestra, the Bad Examples, Anna Soltys & the Familiar, Bad Forum and Mucca Pazza, to name a few. Mucca Pazza is the most unique band in terms of style and approach. We’re 30 strong with Percussion, brass, woodwinds and stringed instruments. We mainly play our original material, we have cheerleaders and we also have marching band uniforms that do not match and it’s quite a spectacle.”

Dynamic Music is lucky to have one of the best drummers in the city, on our staff and passionate about teaching students how to play, and how to play well!

Mitch Straeffer

Piano, Guitar, Bass, & Ukulele Teacher

Mitch began his musical journey as a classical piano student and then he moved on to playing guitar and bass. Mitch now has a long performance career under his belt, playing all over the world and across many genres. Mitch performs regularly throughout the Chicagoland area, playing blues, jazz, rock, pop, classical, musical theater, folk, blue grass, and country... to name a few!

Mitch loves music and is dedicated to helping students of all ages to discover the joy of both understanding and making music. 

  • MM in Music Composition from DePaul University in Chicago
  • Professional World-Travelled Bass Player
  • Intensive Music Composition and History Study
  • Ensemble Instructor (rock, pop, jazz, you-name-it)
  • Composer (classical & popular)

Robert Dicke

Piano & Drum Teacher

Rob began as a classical pianist before moving into a professional drumming career! Rob is an exciting teacher and player, who bridges drums and piano, and is also a creative song writer! Rob teaches his students proper technique and theory, and piano students watch out, because you’d better play in rhythm :). 

Rob has so much fun teaching and playing, and we are so glad to have him on our staff.

  • Music Degree from Columbia College in Chicago
  • power trio, Mos Scocious, who has performed at Summercamp Music Festival for the last three years, shared bills with Parliament Funkadelic and Rusted Root and was also voted Chicago’s best local band in 2011 in the Chicago Reader’s online poll.  

  • Robert also performs in singer/songwriter Michael McDermott’s band, The Westies. The newly formed band has created a buzz with stops in Pittsburgh, New York City, Asbury Park, Madison, Philadelphia and of course Chicago.  

  • Most recently was selected in the top five in a city wide Jazz Improvisation contest by the Luminarts Cultural Foundation.

Kristina Graham

Oboe & Piano Teacher

Kristina Graham is an experience private lessons instructor and band program teacher. Her primary performance instrument is oboe, but if you hear her perform on the piano- you would certainly be fooled into thinking that it’s piano!

Kristina is a talented musician on both piano and oboe, and as a teacher she is loyal, dedicated to high standards, and passionate about nurturing young students on their musical journeys.

  • Indiana University Jacobs School of Music - Bloomington, IN Master of Music - Oboe Performance
    Performer’s Certificate
    Outside Area in Arts Administration
  • Sistema Ravinia, Oboe/Woodwind Instructor, Lead Teacher
    2015 Battle Creek Symphony Orchestra, Substitute, Battle Creek, MI 2014 Pierre Monteux School Summer Music Festival, Hancock, ME 2013 Napa Valley Summer Music Institute, Napa Valley, CA
    2013 IMANI Winds Chamber Music Festival, New York, NY
    2013 Bloomington Chamber Singers, Bloomington, IN 2013 Main Street Opera Theater, Plymouth, MI
    2013 Arbor Opera Theater, Ann Arbor, MI

Tamara Dominguez

Piano Teacher

—Energized, creative, and intuitive, Tamara develops thoughtful learning experiences that build a strong foundation of playing technique and music theory.

Tamara is a skilled pianist and a professional musician who is passionate about staying current with the best teaching practices and passing on the art of playing piano.

Tamara is In tune with each child's or adult's dreams and imagination. Tamara's teaching creates a safe, nurturing and caring relationship with families who aspire to a whole musical experience. Tamara's hope is to provide a piano program that inspires a life of music making.

  • Tamara Sarajishvili Dominguez was born and brought up in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia (then part of the USSR). 
  • From 1986, Tamara studied piano at the Tbilisi State Conservatoire, finishing her studies in 1991 with a Master's Degree under the guidance of famous Georgian pianist Nino Chirakadze.
  • Tamara continued her teaching and performing career in Paris. For several years
  • Tamara worked as an accompanist of ballet classes at the Russian School of Arts in Paris. 
  • The highlight of Tamara's teaching career was attending Al Bustan International Festival in Lebanon where her student was invited to take part by maestro Gianluca Marcianò. 
  • Tamara enjoys performing and has appeared in many and varied settings with repertoire ranging from light music to classical music. Tamara is fluent in English, French, Georgian and Russian.

Mike Hanko

Piano Teacher

Mike plays professionally all over the Chicago-land area, everything from pop to classical, rock and jazz. 

Mike offers a tradition piano lesson covering all classical understanding and technique, while also giving his students the treat of having the opportunity to study with a professional jazz and pop/rock keyboard player and composer/arranger.

Mike is kind, patient, knowlegeable, and everything students need in a teacher. 

Check out Mike’s students, Jackson & Chase Abat, playing Eleanor Rigby: 

Adam McKinstry

Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, & Piano Teacher

Adam rocks! He rocks as a person, a teacher, and of course- a musician. Adam teaches with great care to detail, and also keeps the lessons modern, fun, and engaging. And while he might look slightly menacing in his picture ;), I assure you, he is one of the nicest individuals you will meet!

  • Adam studied guitar performance and music theory and composition at Columbia College in Chicago.
  • Adam has been teaching for over 10 years (students of all ages and levels)—plays and teaches a variety of styles including: classical, rock, blues, pop, psychedelic, metal, ska, reggae, and flamenco
  • Adam is also a singer/songwriter and has been performing his own compositions in multiple bands since age 12

Message directly from Adam to his students: 

My Philosophy on Music:

There is imitation and creation, but to truly create, one must first learn the established forms before

one can break them. Eventually through discipline to these forms, one will see these forms not as

absolutes governors, but instead a variety of tools that aid us in our artistic expression and


My Philosophy as an Educator:

To be an effective educator I believe that one must not only create a curriculum and pay attention to

the individual needs of their students, but one must also provide an environment that fosters growth.

That is why I am a firm believer in being extremely kind, providing positive feedback and

maintaining a safe environment.

Andrew Olmstead

Piano Teacher

A focus on engagement

"Thank you for being such a terrific teacher for our motley crew."
"Thanks for being a kind, fun, and very inspiring teacher to our daughter."
"You have a great ability to break things down to understandable parts."
"You're funny ahhhhhhhhh I love piano!"

Achieve your goals in music and enjoy the process? Student engagement is the most important element I bring to piano lessons. By setting goals which are both realistic and challenging, I can help you read music, improvise with other people, and even write your own songs! Music is a beautiful tool for self-expression, so our long term lesson plan will be shaped by the music you love, be it pop, classical, jazz, or something of your own invention.

I also have the mysterious ability to turn rambunctious kids into smiling pianists. If you have somebody in your life four or older who fits this description, ask me about my lesson plans for their age group!

My teaching philosophy

The core of each piano lesson includes music theory, repertoire building, and safe technique, but each of these elements changes depending on the student's goals. If your not sure what your goals are, that's ok! We'll spend part of our first lesson talking about different types of music and find which ones resonate with you. If you're more sure of the direction you want to go, I'll let you know what's worked for past students with similar interests. I have experience performing and teaching pop, classical, rock, jazz, electronic dance music, folk, and musical theater.

Students get to be creative in our lessons. I've curated improvisation workshops open to the public, and frequently get my youngest students writing their own songs! Remember, we essentially learn to read and write words in the same time. I find that doing this with music education strengthens our understanding of music greatly. More importantly, it's also very, very fun.

Lessons range from 30 minutes to an hour once per week, depending on the student and the material being covered.

  • Baylor University Department of Music - Jazz Scholarship
  • Opened for the incredible Sun Ra Arkestra earlier this year.
  • Premiered new work by Roscoe Mitchell of the Art Ensemble of Chicago.
  • Member of Spooky Action, synth singer-songwriting with live comic illustration.
  • Supporting keys and synth work for theatrical pop-rock band Honey Noble, ambient music outfit Netcat, and many other bands in the Seattle area.
  • Experience touring, recording, and gigging.

Sora Shpack

Piano & Flute Teacher

Miss Sora is dedicated to putting incredible care into each and every one of her lesson programs. She does extensive research for each of her students, in order to find the perfect teaching method for their individual interests and learning styles. 

Sora has studied many different music teaching methods, including both tradition and creative approaches. She is now in a unique position, to pull from many different sources to find and create one-of-a-kind lesson designs for every one of her students—for both piano and flute. 

  • Master of Music Composition, Carnegie Mellon University, PA
  • Master of Music, Brigham Young University, UT
  • Bachelor of Music, Brigham Young University, UT
  • and Music Teacher in public, charter, private and home school classrooms, and private and group music lessons using Dalcroze and Orff inspired strategies.
  • Musician and Composer for school, religious and community organizations.
  • Area of Concentration Grades 1-8 Professional Educator License for the State of Illinois 
  • Private/Group Flute and General Music Teacher (age 4 to adult) IN, TX, UT, NY
  • Flutist/Conductor, concert bands, orchestras, ensembles IN, UT, NY
  • Music Theory Teaching Assistant, Carnegie Mellon University PA
  • Choral and Instrumental Composer, Arranger, 
  • Private Composition Study, University of Utah, UT

Michael Lockler


Michael Lockler received his Bachelor's in Jazz Studies at North Central College. There he studied with Marie Bennett and John McLean. He received his Master's in Performance, while studying at Northern Illinois University.
Michael is a member of the the Wheaton Municipal Band and has had the honor of performing for the Midwest Clinic International Band and Orchestra Conference. He has also performed with the Fox Valley Orchestra. He has played various woodwind and fretted-string instruments for productions of musicals by BoHo Theater, BrightSide Theater, and NCC Summer Theater.
Michael feels that teaching is one of the best ways to give back to the community. He was fortunate to have had great teachers from the beginning of his musical journey. Their enthusiasm created a love of music in him that he hopes he can pass along to all of his students, creating a future generation of music lovers and performers.

  • Northern Illinois University: ​Master of Music 
    ● North Central College: ​Bachelor of Arts in Jazz Studies
    ● Graduated Cum Laude

Teaching Experience (piano, guitar, ukulele, bass, and flute):

  • Dynamic Music: 2019 to present
  • Musical Expressions​ - Naperville, IL  ​August 2018 to Present
  • “Music Matters” School of Music​ - Batavia, IL  May 2018 to September 2018: NIU
  • Community School of the Arts​ - DeKalb, IL  January 2018 to May 2018: Teacher
  • Naperville Music​ - Naperville, IL  September 2015 to April 2016

Natallia Lysenka

Piano, Voice, Mandolin, Ukulele, & Conducting Teacher

Natallia has been teaching in the Unites States for 17 years, after moving from Belarus where she earned her doctorate in music from the Belarussian State Conservatory in Minsk. 

Natallia is a well-rounded musician and teacher, whose expertise is in conducting- meaning that she plays and teaches many instruments, and fully understands the depth of music theory, music expression, and music instruction. 

Natallia loves teaching students of all ages and she offers a perfect combination of warmth and structure with her teaching approach. 

Miss Lysenka seeks out from every student, exactly what will inspire and motivate them, and then she designs her lesson programs accordingly. She enjoys teaching classical repertoire, popular music, and everything in-between.

  • Doctorate from the Belarussian State Conservatory in Minsk
  • Teacher and supervisor at the Belarussian College of Music and Art
  • Assistant conductor of the New North Shore Chamber Orchestra in Evanston, IL
  • Music and Piano Instructor for the Montessori Music School in Mundelein, IL
  • Private lessons instructor for students of all ages for over 20 years

Lauren Ingebrigtsen

voice & piano

A Glenview native- Miss Lauren is passionate about building young musician’s skill sets and confidence so that they can enjoy creating, singing, and playing music as much as she does!

Lauren grew up in Glenview and attended Glenbrook South before going to the prestigious Millikin University Music School where she earned her bachelors degree in music.

Lauren also has a minor in theatre, giving her a charismatic and fun edge to her teaching style.

  • BM in Music from Millikin University *currently pursuing a Masters in Music (opera—vocal performance)
  • Minor in Theatre from Millikin University
  • Proficient in French and Italian
  • Ballet and movement classes
  • Social Justice Advocate


Jieun Lee—Piano

Miss Jieun Lee teaches all ages and levels, from complete beginning piano students through the advanced university level!

Jieun is nurturing and kind and open minded to approaching each student and lesson program with attention to individualized goals and methods. 

She has an impressive educational, teaching, and performance background and is also a professional choir piano accompanist and director. 

We are very fortunate to have such a treasure on our teaching staff!

  • Masters of Music Degree from California State University in Northridge (piano performance)
  • Piano Faculty Member for multiple Korean Universities
  • Salem Methodist Church in Schaumburg, IL (director and accompanist)

MARIJA BUBANJ—Violin & Viola

Marija Bubanj has a masters degree in violin performance and many years of teaching experience. Miss Bubanj presents an energetic and exciting lesson program for her students, which emphasizes proper technique and music understanding while fostering growth through careful assignments and lesson goals—all while keeping students engaged and enjoying their lessons!

  • Chamber and orchestra performances around the world
  • Students have won competitions, prizes, and performed at the White House by invitation from Michelle Obama!
  • Live radio broadcasts: classical and jazz
  • Certified Suzuki Teacher

Check out Marija on YouTube!

Benjamin Walton

Voice & Piano Instructor

Acting Coach

Musical Director

“I strive to help others embrace their passions while excitedly pursuing my own. I want to be known as a reliable and passionate individual who loves to collaborate with others.” ~Benjamin

Wilmette Park District Voice and Piano Instructor: private voice and piano lessons 2019 to present

Musical Director for the Wilmette Children’s Theater: responsibilities including: Teaching a group of 50 plus students, ages 6-14, assigning and rehearsing solos and roles, creating practice tracks and music files for the creative team and cast

Chicago Musical Theatre Festival, Chicago: Music coach and piano accompanist for professional cast members, aided in sound design for the show

EDUCATION: BFA in Musical Theatre with minors in Creative Writing and Music, University of Central Florida, Orlando, Florida


Additional fun skills: 

-Stage Combat and choreography


-Writing for Musical Theatre

-Dance and Movement for the actor

-Can get by on guitar and LOVES to play ukulele

Masters (MA) in Music Composition—Mills College - Oakland, CA, 2012

Bachelors (BFA) in World Music—California Institute of the Arts - Valencia, CA, 2010










    Lydia Martin


    My name is Lydia Martín. I’m non-binary and use they/them pronouns. I’ve been playing music for over 30 years and have over 10 years of teaching experience. I’m a highly energetic person who has a specialty for working with early elementary students. My animated personality and experience keeps their attention while inspiring them to learn. 

    Whether it’s in the classroom or private lessons, teaching music is my passion. I’m lighthearted and adaptable. I try to remove ego from music so we can embrace its extraordinary ability to create community. And I’m willing to share what I know with students or my fellow teachers. CALL AND RESPONSE LESSON, COUNTING MUSIC MLK EARLY CHILDHOOD MUSIC LESSON THE LION SLEEPS TONIGHT LESSON 

    Brian Rasmussen

    Piano & Voice Instructor

    Choral & Musical Director

    classical—opera—musical theatre—pop—rock—jazz

    • Masters Degree in Music from Roosevelt University in Chicago
    • Graduate Assistant: Roosevelt University
    • Bachelor's Degree in Music Education from the University of South Dakota
    • Junior High/High School Choir and Show Choir Director

      • Musical Director for Sioux City Community Theatre—6 musical productions!

      Brian is passionate about teaching, and he loves working one on one with students to fully realize their musical goals and potential.

      After years of leading an entire Junior High and High School music program, Brian is now focusing his time on teaching private piano and voice lessons while also keeping busy with his performance career in Chicago—so our lucky students get the treat of working with a piano and voice teacher who has an impressive background in music education, music program and choral directing, and also performance!


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      2021 is here, and... so are we! We are still standing.... and for a music business at the beginning of 2021, that says a lot! We are keeping music alive, keeping teacher-student…

      Quiet Your Mind with Music Study

      Music Lessons require incredible focus and discipline. Reading the notes, listening to the rhythms, engaging both sides of the brain at the same time by channeling muscles and…

      5 months later...

      Here we are, 5 months later... Life goes on. Humans adapt. Music lessons adapt. Kids adapt. My baby is almost 2 years old! I'm still forcing my older kids to practice piano and…

      Free Dance & Voice Classes: 5/4, 5/5, 5/6

      ~Free Dance Classes with our partner, the Dance and Music Academy, followed by a 15 minute Free Voice Lesson at the end of each dance class. This is an amazing opportunity to…


      Zoom music lessons are so fun! Step 1. Create a zoom account (FREE AND EASY): Step 2. Open the "zoom meeting link" in your email, sent by your teacher Step 3.…

      Founder, Sara Vencill

      How it all began...

      Dynamic Music was founded by Sara in 2010 when she was pregnant with her first daughter.  

      At that time a mother of one of Sara's students suggested that Sara should hire another teacher with similar teaching philosophies, to help out with her teaching schedule when the baby came

      And so it all began!

      Sara's mission has always been to share the joy of music. Sara remains committed to bringing teachers onto the Dynamic Music team, who share this goal and who have every qualification necessary for realizing this goal.

      "Music is a gift to humanity and it should be honored and treated as such." ~Sara 

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