January 14, 2021


2021 is here, and... so are we! We are still standing.... and for a music business at the beginning of 2021, that says a lot!

We are keeping music alive, keeping teacher-student connections alive, and maintaining our "your choice" music lesson options: either in-person OR over zoom. 

The word normal has become something we long for.

What is normal when it comes to music lessons? Fights over practicing... yeah... of course :)... what else? Pride. Pride in students when they finally finish learning a challenging piece of music. Pride in parents, when they watch their child perform that piece of music and then GRIN afterwards when they hear the applause after performing as part of a student recital (and so what if the recital is over zoom... that applause and that GRIN is just as real!)

NORMAL. That is such a prize to be won now. And through Dynamic Music's private lessons program in Glenview, we are winning that prize... one lesson at a time. 

So grateful...


Sara Vencill Straeffer